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Open Positions with Discovery Nomads

Like to work with cool and interesting people? Check out our positions available. 

Tour Leader (CEO) - Around the World Tours:

During the contract, a CEO will:

  • Consistently deliver a high level of customer service and traveller satisfaction.

  • Provide leadership for our travellers and be responsible for their well-being.

  • Continually increase your knowledge about the visited country, its culture, religion, current affairs, environment, etc.

  • Have detailed knowledge of hotels, sights, restaurants, transport, souvenirs, prices, etc. Develop a series of information sources and contacts that can be of assistance when required.

  • Maintain a valid passport and visa. It is the responsibility of the Leader to stay up to date on any travel restrictions based on his/her nationality.

  • On each departure, a CEO will:

    • Act as day-to-day guide and manager of the group.

    • Deal directly with your traveller's issues and concerns, ensuring that passenger satisfaction is effectively achieved.

    • Maintain the established travel itinerary as closely as possible, making changes only when necessary.

    • Make reservations for accommodation, transportation and activities as required.

    • Assist and accompany travellers during optional activities and meals.

    • Advise travellers on suitable restaurants, additional transport requirements, etc.

    • Maintain daily schedule and activities.

    • Provide a report for each trip, in the requested format.

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