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Discovery Nomads was created by experienced travelers, who have visited more than 90 countries as a desire to share their passion for traveling and for exploring what our planet has to offer.
The Company offers itineraries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia.  You can choose from a great range of our trips and if you would like to add something you were always dreaming of, we will be happy to do that.
Discovery Nomads trips include luxury 4-5* star hotel or apartment accommodation, transport, a great amount of activities and entertainment and are focused to immerse travelers into the atmosphere of the visited countries and cities. Discovery Nomads creates different types of adventures from City Discovery's, Road Trips, Sailing or Skiing to Safari. 
We understand that each traveler enjoys different styles and some prefer breathtaking beaches with white sand, surfing and huge waves, another ones prefer getting lost in a huge city, living on the rooftop and having a morning run in Central Park. 
We keep that in mind and create adventures that have a great range of activities and will suit you perfectly. The only thing that stays the same is the level of comfort. We are working with top leading design hotels and provide our travelers with comfortable private transportation. 
So no matter what you choose...beach time or going on a US Road Trip Adventure on Route 66
We are here to offer you THE VERY BEST ADVENTURES
We create an adventure of a lifetime which you will never forget, which inspires and moves you forward, gives new experience, friends and makes you HAPPY.
Discovery Nomads offers more than 50 guaranteed adventures around the world. Each of them is designed as an individual tour or if travelers would like to go with friends or family, as a private group trip. 
Our travelers will explore the chosen route without nerving tour leaders and large touristic groups, but just meet local guides when visiting certain attractions. The motivation behind this was to give an opportunity for luxury travelers not just  to go on perfectly organized adventure but also to escape from touristic crowds, learn local language, live like a local going to the best restaurants and bars advised by our team and privately exploring the countries.
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