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From Australia to Brazil and Hong Kong to New York, Discovery Nomads offers an in-depth exploration of travel destinations around the world. Whether you seek a road trip across Europe, explore the national parks of North America, photograph Machu Picchu at sunrise, or circle the world by private jet or yacht, you'll find an array of opportunities that fit your passions and interests. Click on a region you'd like to explore to see detailed itineraries.

Europe Travel Packages


Opening the rich history and culture of Europe traveling to Italy, Germany, France, and Spain exploring legendary places, and moving by car or train, feel like a local in Europe. From stylish London and romantic Paris to passionate Spain and gastronomic Italy through the centuries-old olive groves or alpine meadows, our adventures will show you what you yet have not seen.


Australia Tour Packages


Explore fabled lands where glaciers meet rain forests, where dazzling azure waters and coral reefs, unique wildlife, and indigenous cultures exist for centuries. From the dramatic landscapes of Australia's Gold Coast to the pristine coral reefs of Fiji, take a dip in the perfection of this marvelous continent.


US Travel Packages
North America


Skyscrapers and magnificent atmosphere of New York, jazz in Chicago and Niagara Waterfalls, you will ride through the legendary Route 66, try the best steaks in Texas, explore the Grand Canyon and try rafting in Colorado, dream of the Californication, relax in Bahamas Islands or surf in Florida and Jamaica.


South America Travel Packages
South America


Dazzling mountain peaks from Patagonia to Peru which are home to the largest rainforest in the world, South America captures the dangerous route of the Amazon, snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands, studies of Machu Picchu in Peru, or hiking routes through the unspoiled beauty of Brazil.


Asia Travel Packages


From the floating villages of the Mekong River to the majestic palaces of India, you’ll discover the dazzling diversity of Asia. You will see the ruins of ancient Angkor Wat, amazing sunrise along the Siem Riep, photograph the temples of Cambodia or explore the stunning views from sky scrapers in Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong witnessing the interplay of modernity and tradition amid some of the world’s most iconic landscapes. 


Africa Travel Packages


Follow in the footsteps of explorers to discover the stunning landscapes, cultures, and wildlife of Africa. Amazing safari in South Africa, Maasai villagers in Tanzania, snow of Kilimanjaro, and surfing on Mauritius, our trips will immerse you in Africa’s wonders.